What Accreditation Do Christian Schools in Katy, Texas Have?

Public schools in Texas are accredited at the district level for grades K-12 by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). However, private schools and vocational schools are not regulated by TEA. The Texas Private School Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC) and the International Association of Learning Driven Schools (IALDS) provide information on private schools. For alternative education options, visit the alternative education page.

TEPSAC has approved two accrediting agencies: ACSI and SACS CASI. Westlake is a Christian school in Katy, Texas that provides students with an excellent academic education and spiritual growth. The school follows the prestigious tradition of Lutheran schools and is dedicated to preparing students to become courageous leaders who serve Jesus Christ in a changing world. The Village School is another Christian school in Katy that offers educational excellence in a safe environment for girls and boys from preschool to 12th grade. Mirus Academy is a small independent private school in Katy that offers a college preparatory curriculum within a flexible framework. The HB 1 changes addressed, in part, the accreditation of school districts; sanctions and interventions for school districts, charter schools, and campuses; and the review of certain sanctions by the State Office of Administrative Hearings. When it comes to Christian schools in Katy, Texas, there are several options available.

Westlake, The Village School, and Mirus Academy all offer quality education with a focus on spiritual growth. All three schools are accredited by TEPSAC-approved agencies such as ACSI and SACS CASI. Parents looking for an alternative education option should visit the alternative education page for more information.

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