Do Parents Have an Active Role in the School Community at Christian Schools in Katy, Texas?

We had reached a point where we were no longer content with the education our children were receiving in the local public school of the Independent School District. We heard about the opening of Great Hearts Irving and were immediately drawn to it for its academic reputation, classic curriculum, and safer environment. The teachers there are highly dedicated and qualified. Over the past five years, we have seen our children, Rohan and Rahul, thrive in Great Hearts Irving.

The school has been building good character and teaching them the meaning of virtues such as truth and compassion, as well as providing them with a challenging academic curriculum. They have become deep critical thinkers, giving us peace of mind that they will succeed in whatever they pursue and will contribute in a noble and honest way. The school also brought us an unexpected delight that we had never felt in our traditional Independent School District school. We now feel part of a very involved community of parents who are encouraged to participate and help the school in its vision. We are able to ensure that the school records of a student who is homeless or in foster care are transferred to their new school no later than the tenth business day after they begin enrolling.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has also appointed a head of school safety to serve schools and the Legislature as a safety expert.

The Role of Parents in Christian Schools

Like all schools, a Christian school works best when parents are closely involved in both the education of their children and in the overall functioning of the school. A school district may adopt a policy that exempts a student from attending school to serve as an early voting employee in an election. The district must also continue to provide a disclaimer at any other event where a student speaks publicly for as long as necessary to allay confusion about the district's lack of sponsorship of the student's speech. The district also verifies the student's activities related to their search for enlistment in a branch of the armed forces or the Texas National Guard. Any 12-week period of the school year selected by the district, in the case of a district whose average daily attendance is adjusted under Section 48.005 (c), can be used for this purpose.

In counties with a population of less than 350,000, sheriffs must also hold biannual school safety meetings with local law enforcement officers, emergency response personnel, and school leaders. Parents of several biological siblings who are assigned to the same grade and school level may request in writing, no later than 14 days after the first day of enrollment, that the school places them in the same classroom or in separate classrooms.

Preventing Student Behavior Related to School Absenteeism

Addressing student behavior related to school absenteeism before they engage in it is also important. The court in which a conviction, deferred sentence, or deferred disposition for a crime is handed down under subsection (a) may order the defendant to attend a program for parents of students with unexcused absences that provide instruction designed to help those parents identify problems that contribute to unexcused student absences and to develop strategies to resolve those problems if one is available. A durable residency requirement cannot be used to prohibit that child from fully participating in any activity sponsored by the school district. Nor does this section exempt the school district in which a child eligible to participate in the district's special education program resides from its fiscal and administrative responsibilities under subchapter A, chapter 29, nor from its responsibility to provide free and appropriate public education to a child with a disability.

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