Do Christian Schools in Katy, Texas Have a Sports Program?

Cypress Christian School (CCS) is renowned for its strong sports program that provides students with a wide range of activities to participate in. From cheerleading to cross country to basketball and soccer, CCS offers students the opportunity to hone their skills and compete against other schools. The school also has golf and football teams for both middle school and high school students. The CCS athletic teams have had great success over the years, winning several championships including the 26th District Athletics Meeting and the TAPPS 5A State Championship.

Several of their athletes have gone on to compete at college level as well. Landen Overton signed his letter of intent to practice dual sports at Dallas Baptist University while Christian Fleischhauer signed with Eastern Central Oklahoma University and Garrett Townsend pledged to Texas A&M University. CCS also has an impressive coaching staff that has been recognized for their hard work and dedication. Head football coach Jacob Spenn was awarded with an Athletic Inspiration award from his high school’s alumni association in Watseka, Illinois.

In conclusion, Cypress Christian School is an ideal choice for students looking for a quality sports program. With its wide range of activities and successful teams, CCS provides students with an opportunity to develop their skills and compete against other schools while having fun doing it.

Miguel Skoog
Miguel Skoog

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