What is the Tuition Cost for Christian Schools in Katy, Texas?

Berean Christian Academy is devoted to providing quality education at an affordable price. Our tuition fee includes books, school supplies, field trips, and a portion of night school trips. We have partnered with the FACTS tuition payment plan to increase our efficiency and ongoing financial stability while offering convenience to families. Berean Christian Academy welcomes students of any national or ethnic origin, race, color, or physical ability to all programs and activities offered by the school.

Unfortunately, Houston's private schools are not exempt from the price increases that have affected nearly every other sector. Following the trend of smaller private schools facing increasing financial difficulties since the pandemic, Holy Trinity Episcopal School will no longer offer classes. In essence, private schools are “trying to catch up” to keep up with the inflation we've experienced since the pandemic. Katy Adventist Christian School is committed to making quality Christian education accessible.

Year-on-year increases in enrollment ranged from 0% in schools such as Corpus Christi Catholic School and Beren Academy to 8% in Anunciation Orthodox and Shlenker. At Berean Christian Academy, we strive to keep our tuition costs as low as possible without compromising our educational or financial integrity. We understand that quality education should be available to everyone and we are devoted to making that happen.

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