Promoting Diversity in Christian Schools in Katy, Texas

Katy Christian Academy is a school that provides educational excellence in a safe Christian environment for boys and girls from preschool to 12th grade. The school's mission is to establish young Christians in the principles of God's word, emphasizing vital areas such as these. To further this goal, the school has partnered with the College Board to expand access to rigorous academic work and encourage students to consider enrolling in one or more advanced-level courses before graduating through the University Success Initiative. The Ford Foundation study found that the academic performance of Longhorn Scholars is on par with that of other Texas high school graduates attending the University of Austin in fields such as engineering, natural sciences, business administration, liberal arts and communication, despite nearly 200-point differences in average total SAT scores.

In addition, the Michigan Supreme Court agreed that universities should seriously and in good faith consider viable, racially neutral alternatives to achieve the diversity they seek before considering race in their admission decisions. This is especially important for schools where the majority of students who go to college take a variety of higher education courses. The University of Chicago's University Scholarship Program has partnered with Chicago Public Schools to bring a group of talented students from public high schools across the city to campus every year. Furthermore, many elementary and secondary schools, such as Henry Ford Academy in Dearborn, Michigan, use lottery methods to admit students in a racially impartial manner.

The Texas legislature (Senate Bill 940) established the Joint Medical Admissions Program (JAMP) with the goal of recruiting economically disadvantaged students to enter medical schools. These plans seek to reduce concentrations of poverty, based on research that suggests that all students perform better when there is a core of middle-class students in school. The Berea Christian Academy admits students of any national or ethnic origin, race, color, or physical ability to all programs and activities offered by the school. The Talented 20 program's greatest impact may be in the symbolic message it sends to students, families and school officials. In conclusion, Katy Christian Academy is committed to promoting diversity and providing educational excellence for all its students.

The school has partnered with various organizations and implemented various initiatives to ensure that all students have access to quality education regardless of their background or socio-economic status.

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