Preparing Students for their Future Careers: Christian Schools in Katy, Texas

At Berea Christian Academy, students are not only equipped to live their lives for the glory of Christ and the benefit of others, but also to go out into the world with the ability to recognize the truth, goodness, and beauty in God's creation. Brooke believes it is essential to delay the introduction of smartphones to children due to the national average of 4-8 hours a day spent using personal electronic devices. The faculty and staff at Texas Christian are devoted to addressing each student's individual needs and taking their development seriously. The Permian Strategic Partnership, a group of business and civic leaders and organizations, has become a driving force for focusing community attention on the Midland Independent School District.

Westlake is committed to providing students with an excellent Christ-centered academic education and spiritual growth that prepares them to become courageous leaders by serving Jesus Christ in a changing world. The most important decision facing the Midland school board is hiring a superintendent to replace Angelica Ramsey, who decided in September to become the leader of the Fort Worth Independent School District. Wilcox turned the state law, SB 1882, on its head to turn each of Longview's schools into a stand-alone campus. There are numerous ways for parents and community members to get involved in their local schools, from volunteering at the school library or Book Fair to supporting initiatives such as the Distinguished Speakers Dinner or EagleFest.

Schools that prepare young people well for real opportunities at the local level are an essential strategy for any city in Texas. Midland has also taken advantage of innovations used by external charter operators, such as Third Future Schools and IDEA Public Schools, to improve student learning.

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