Extracurricular Activities at Christian Schools in Katy, Texas

Aristoi Classical Academy is a free public charter school in Katy, Texas that provides a range of extracurricular activities for students. Adrenaline Tumble and Cheer offers competitive entertainment activities and camps throughout the year. Fun and Fitness Gymnasia, an official youth Olympic training center, provides recreational gymnastics, somersaults and “Ninja Force” classes, as well as advanced classes of different levels. Grand Cheer All-Stars welcomes players from beginners to competitive players.

Poss Cheer is part of Katy Gymships and Sports Performance, offering a daycare program, Performance Squad Class, flip classes, private classes, and more. The baseball and softball training center in Katy provides private classes, throwing machines, batting cages, workshops and camps for children.

Westbury Christian School

is a private Christian school in Southwest Houston that has been established since 1975 and is recognized as one of the best in the city. It offers a range of extracurricular activities for students in grades K-3 through 12. The Cinco Ranch Conservatory of Music also offers instruction on recital etiquette and homeschool programs.

The Texas Kickboxing Academy provides quality martial arts instruction for all skill levels and ages, in addition to self-defense, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and more. Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege rather than a right. Students must meet higher standards of behavior and performance inside and outside of school to be eligible to join these activities. If a student is enrolled in a class where participation in extracurricular activities is expected, the teacher may consider the student's involvement when assigning the grade for the evaluation period during which the extracurricular activity was conducted.

Furthermore, students must obtain a grade higher than 7.0 in all their classes at the end of the six-week reporting period to be able to participate in any extracurricular activity. Additional credits or papers submitted after the end of the grading period or evaluation will not be considered to determine if a student qualifies to participate in extracurricular activities, except in the case of an incomplete grade. The Katy Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability when it comes to admission, access, treatment or employment in its programs and activities. Westbury Christian School admits students of any race or national or ethnic origin with all the rights, privileges, programs and activities that are generally granted or made available to its students.

WCS exists to provide every student with the opportunity to recognize and respond by faith to the word of God while participating in an educational program that emphasizes academic, social, emotional and physical development. In conclusion, there are many extracurricular activities offered at Christian schools in Katy Texas such as Adrenaline Tumble and Cheer; Fun and Fitness Gymnasia; Grand Cheer All-Stars; Poss Cheer; baseball and softball training center; Westbury Christian School; Cinco Ranch Conservatory of Music; Texas Kickboxing Academy; and more. These activities provide students with an opportunity to develop their skills while having fun.

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